Hinoki False Cypress Bonsai Tree

Hinoki False Cypress Bonsai Tree, scientific name Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Compacta’, native to southern Japan and the island of Taiwan. This is an evergreen conifer with dark green fan-like foliage and reddish bark. It is hardy tree that needs to be grown outdoors.

Additional Information

Family: Cupressaceae

Scientific name: Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Compacta’

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Flowering Quince Bonsai Tree

Flowering Quince Bonsai Tree, scientific name Chaenomeles speciosa, is native to eastern Asia in Japan, China and Korea. This is one of my favorite trees for bonsai.

This deciduous shrub produces gorgeous pink, red, or white flowers and fragrant yellowish fruits.

Fruit is editable but but tart, can be used for jelly making. Flowering Quince can be made into a beautiful bonsai tree.

Additional Information

Family: Rosaceae

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Rock Hornbeam Bonsai Tree

Rock Hornbeam Bonsai Tree, scientific name Carpinus turczaninovii, is native to Korea, China and Japan. It is a deciduous tree, meaning it sheds the leaves annually.

Great tree for outdoors or indoors. Rock Hornbeam is used a lot for bonsai styles where roots are exposed.

Additional Information

Family: Betulaceae

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Flamingo Lily Bonsai Tree

Flamingo Lily Bonsai Tree, scientific name Anthurium andraeanum, is native to Colombia and Ecuador. It has gorgeous rosy-pink flowers that are supported by slender upright stems.

This is a tropical plant that was specially hybridized for use as houseplants due to their trouble-free growing requirements.

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Additional Information

Family: Araceae (Arum family)

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Chinese Taro Bonsai Tree

Chinese Taro Bonsai Tree, scientific name Alocasia cucullata, is native to China and Taiwan. The main characteristic of this bonsai is it’s hear-shaped glossy leaves, hence the common name Taro Bonsai. It also has very interesting thick robust trunk

It adapts to indoor conditions very well and requires very little maintenance as long as you provide it with moist soil.

Additional Information

Family: Araceae

Botanical name: Alocasia cucullata

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Chinese Perfume Bonsai Tree

Chinese Perfume Bonsai Tree, scientific name Aglaia odorata, is native to China where it is classified as near threatened. This is a beautiful bushy tree that has similar characteristics to Orange Jasmine Tree.

It produces yellow fragrant flowers that don’t open. They are shaped as grain of rise, hence one of the common names Chinese Rice Flower.

The flowers bloom few times a year producing very sweet lemony scent, hence the other common name Mock Lemon.

Chinese Perfume Bonsai Tree has also a medical use: orodine and ororinol obtained from this plant has cancer chemo preventative activity. It is an outstanding indoor bonsai that is very easy to grow.

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Desert Rose Bonsai Tree

Desert Rose Bonsai Tree, scientific name Adenium obesum, is native to Eastern Africa and southern Arabia. It is a shrubby evergreen that survives in desert to deciduous climates, hence the tree name Desert Rose.

The unique character of the tree is it’s swollen trunk with huge muscular roots that are used to create spectacular bonsai. It has fleshy leaves produces beautiful pink, white and red flowers that grow at the tip of the branches.

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Sweet Acacia Bonsai Tree

Sweet Acacia Bonsai Tree, scientific name Acacia farnesiana or Vachellia farnesiana, have been found in tropical and semi tropical climates all over the world, including North America, South America, Africa, Northern Australia and Southern Asia.

This fast growing thorny bonsai tree is recognized for it’s beautiful fragrant yellow flowers that are widely used in a perfume industry.

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