Chinese Taro Bonsai Tree

Chinese Taro Bonsai Tree, scientific name Alocasia cucullata, is native to China and Taiwan. The main characteristic of this bonsai is it’s hear-shaped glossy leaves, hence the common name Taro Bonsai. It also has very interesting thick robust trunk

It adapts to indoor conditions very well and requires very little maintenance as long as you provide it with moist soil.

Additional Information

Family: Araceae

Botanical name: Alocasia cucullata

Common Name: Chinese Taro, Buddha’s Palm, Hooded Dwarf Elephant Ear, Buddha’s Hand, Buddha’s First Lily, Buddha’s Ear

Origin: China and Taiwan

Appearance: Chinese Taro grows in to a robust clump with showy glossy heart-shaped leaves that are supported by dark green, multiple, upright stems. Leaves will grow to about 5-7 inches in length. It produces white flowers from mid spring to early summer.

Light Requirements: It likes partial shade but can also grow in full sun.

Water Requirements: Likes very moist but drained soil. Don’t let it dry between watering.

Hardiness: I does best in the USDA Zone 7-10. Protect if from temperatures below 45F.

Propagation: By dividing rhizomes, tubers, corms or bulbs (including offsets)

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