Desert Rose Bonsai Tree

Desert Rose Bonsai Tree, scientific name Adenium obesum, is native to Eastern Africa and southern Arabia. It is a shrubby evergreen that survives in desert to deciduous climates, hence the tree name Desert Rose.

The unique character of the tree is it’s swollen trunk with huge muscular roots that are used to create spectacular bonsai. It has fleshy leaves produces beautiful pink, white and red flowers that grow at the tip of the branches.

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Additional Information

Family: Apocynaceae

Botanical name: Adenium obesum

Common name: Desert Rose, Desert-Rose, Impala Lily, Kudu Lily, Sabi Star, Mock Azalea.

Origin: Eastern Africa and southern Arabia

Water Requirements: Likes moist well drained soil. Water it more during summer months when it is growing and less during winter months.

Light Requirements: Likes full sun.

Outdoor/Indoor Use: Both

Hardiness: It does best in the USDA Zone 11-12. It is a hardy plant but should be protected from temperatures below 50F.

Fertilizing: Once a week during spring and summer.

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Buy Desert Rose Bonsai TreeOnly $195.00!

~Susan Brian

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  1. I recently bought a Adenium obesum but I’m not sure whether I should keep it indoors or outdoors. I notice you say ‘both’ but in full sun. Would morning sun outside position suffice? and would afternoon sun indoors suffice? Thank you

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