How to Repot Root Bound Water Jasmine Bonsai

In this post we will be working on a  root bound Water Jasmine Bonsai, also known as Wrightia religiosa. Root bound is when the roots of the tree are so dense and so full, they are lifting the tree out of the pot and growing out of the holes at the bottom.

Bonsai needs to be repotted and root pruned in order to absorb major and minor elements from the soil mix. If tree is not root pruned, it will develop long roots that will take up most of the space in the pot.

Root bounded trees have troubles getting all the nutrients and will start to decline despite perfect growing conditions and good quality fertilizer. The frequency of repotting and root pruning depends on the species of the tree. Some grow faster and need to be repotted more often than once a year.

The challenge with this root bound Water Jasmine bonsai is to reduce the roots and get it into a new smaller pot.

Items you will need:

  • New bonsai container¬†– We want to repot this plant into a small container.
  • Shears¬†– Regular shears that will be used to trim branches and roots.
  • Bonsai Wire Cutters¬†– You will need to cut wire with these.
  • Root Pruners – You can use this tool to cut trunk knobs and thick woody roots.
  • Root Rake¬†– You will use it to get out the soil of the roots. I prefer a single rake.
  • Mesh¬†– Will be used to cover holes in the container.
  • Wire¬†– Will be used to wire the tree to the new pot.
  • Bonsai Soil Mix¬†– This is a great soil mix that has high water¬†absorption, fast draining and¬†good aeration.
  • Electrical Saw – Will be used to cut down thick woody part of the roots.

Here is a step-by-step video of the whole process.