Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Tree Care

Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Tree, scientific name Rhododendron indicum, is a very popular evergreen shrub with small narrow dark green leaves and beautiful multiple color flowers that grow on the same plant.

This tree is hardy down to 5F and needs to be grown outdoors.

Additional Information

Family: Ericaceae.

Scientific name: Rhododendron indicum syn. Azalea indica, Azalea macrantha, Rhododendron hangnoense, Rhododendron lateritium, Rhododendron decumbens.

Common Names: Azalea, Satsuki Azalea, Southern Indica Hybrid Azalea, Macrantha Pink Indica Azalea.

Origin: Native to Japan.

Appearance: It is an evergreen shrub with small, narrow, oval, alternate, simple, dark green leaves that have a fuzzy texture similar to velvet.

Flowering: In spring it produces beautiful ornamental showy flowers that range white to pink to a lavender or deep red color. They slightly ruffled, funnel-shaped and can grow singly or in pairs.

Outdoor/Indoor Use: Outdoors.

Light Requirements: From filtered sun to partial shade.

Water Requirements: Prefers moist and well drained soil. Poor drainage inevitably will lead to root rot. Never allow for the soil to dry out completely.

Hardiness: Grows best in the USDA Zones 7b – 11. Can tolerate cold temperatures down to 5F. This tree is hardy and should be grown outdoors.

Insects and Diseases: Aphids, lacebugs, white fly, leafminers, spider mites, scale, stem boreres, petal blight, leaf gall, and mushroom root rot.

Propagation: By cuttings.

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