Mistletoe Fig Bonsai Tree Care

The Mistletoe Fig Bonsai Tree, scientific name Ficus deltoidea, is a slow-growing shrub native to the tropical climates of India, Asia, and Africa.

It produces small orange and red fruits that look just like mistletoe, hence one of the common names Mistletoe Fig. This tropical bonsai is great for indoors.

Additional Information

Family: Moraceae

Scientific name: Ficus deltoidea syn. Ficus diversifolia

Common Names: Delta Fig, Fig Shrub, Mistletoe Fig, Mistletoe Rubber Plant.

Origin: Native to the tropical climates of India, Asia and Africa

Appearance: It has a slender gray trunk topped with oval-shaped leathery, bright green foliage. Leaves have tiny brown spots and look just like mistletoe. It develops interesting aerial roots.

Flowering: Ficus deltoidea is the only Ficus species that will produce fruits when cultivated indoors. It produces inedible pea-sized fruits “figs” all year round. Figs turn from dull yellow to orange and red.

Outdoor/Indoor Use: Both. You can grow it outdoors if you live in a tropical climate.

Light Requirements: Prefers full sun.

Water Requirements: Needs regular watering. Keep the soil moist but well drained. Never allow the soil to dry out completely. Like most tropical plants, it will enjoy occasional misting.

Hardiness: Grows best in the USDA 10-11. Needs to be protected from freezing temperatures.

Propagation: By seeds and cuttings.

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