Chinese Bonsai Rules

Chinese Bonsai TreeChinese Bonsai (Penjing) has much less strict rules and is more philosophical and spiritual form of art than Japanese bonsai. Chinese and Japanese bonsai have their differences but are very closely related and are sometimes difficult to distinguish.

A high quality Chinese bonsai composition has to look entirely natural. Although there is more freedom in the Penjing, many of the general bonsai rules still apply.

To create a successful Chinese bonsai composition you need to know basic training techniques and be familiar with plant maintenance like re-potting, watering, feeding and etc.

After learning main Chinese Bonsai Styles and rules you’ll have better control of your bonsai. It will make it easier for you to pick the right tree for your bonsai.

It is important to cultivate feeling of balance when you are putting all the elements together. They should complement each other and express natural look. In-depth observation of nature is a key to a successful Chinese bonsai. Often compared to poetry or paintings, Chinese bonsai art is a manifestation of Nature.

Chinese bonsai is really about your imagination. Balancing rules against innovation always creates a challenge. If you are a beginner I would suggest following the rules. When you feel more comfortable start experimenting.

I founds few web sites that list general bonsai rules that can be applied to Chinese bonsai:

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Susan Brian