Calamondin Orange Bonsai Tree Care

The Calamondin Orange Bonsai Tree, scientific name Citrus mitis, is native to southern China and is one of the most popular fruited bonsai trees.

It produces brilliantly fragrant white flowers that are followed by miniature, flavorful oranges over the course of a year. Oranges don’t get bigger than a golf ball but are still eatable.

The little oranges are often collected and used for marmalade or other baking.

This bonsai makes a great holiday or special occasion gift. My friends absolutely loved it when I gave it to them at their housewarming party.

Additional Information

Family: Rutaceae

Botanical name: Citrus mitis

Common name: Calamondin Orange, Panama orange, Citrus Bonsai, Orange Citrus Bonsai

Origin: southern China

Light Requirements: It prefers full sun but can adapt to partial shade.

Outdoor/Indoor Use: Both.

Water Requirements: Allow time for the soil to dry out between watering. Never let the soil to dry out completely.

Fertilizing: Fertilize it once every two weeks during spring and early summer with a balanced fertilizer.

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