Brush Cherry Bonsai Tree

Brush Cherry Bonsai Tree, scientific name Eugenia myrtifolia or Syzygium paniculatum, is native to tropical rain forests of Australia’s east coast. It produces very pretty, showy white flowers that are followed by beautiful red berries.

Additional Information

Family: Myrtaceae

Botanical name: Eugenia myrtifolia or Syzygium paniculatum

Common name: Brush Cherry, Scrub Cherry, Magenta Cherry

Origin: Australia

Appearance: Brush Cherry Bonsai Tree is an evergreen shrub with red flaky trunk topped with green glossy leaves. It produces white puffy flower and beautiful berries. One interesting feature of this plant is if you provide it with enough light the leaves will develop red highlights.

Outdoor/Indoor Use: Both.

Water Requirements: It needs regular watering. Does best in moist but well drained soil. Make sure to provide it with more water during hot summer months, less during winter. Like all tropical plants, it enjoys occasional misting.

Light Requirements: Partial shade or full sun.

Hardiness: Does best in the USDA Zones 9-11. Protect it from temperatures below 30F.

Repotting: Once every two years during Spring.

Insects and Diseases: Caribbean fruit fly, aphids, red spider mites, meal bugs, and scales.

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~Susan Brian

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