Bonsai Tree Books

If you are serious about bonsai these bonsai books below are a must-have. From buying and maintaining to advanced training techniques these books have all the information you need for creating a successful bonsai garden.

Bonsai (101 Essential Tips)

This bonsai book is great for beginners. It covers all the important areas like trimming, shaping, wiring, feeding, and watering. Easy-to-understand 101 steps and clear illustrations make this book a perfect starting point for those who are interested in bonsai art.

It is full of useful information and beautiful pictures. If you have a bonsai tree as a gift and don’t know what to do with it, this book will guide you through the basics. It is written by Harry Tomlinson, who is one of Europe’s leading bonsai artists and instructors.

He has exhibited and judged bonsai all over the world. Bonsai (101 Essential Tips) got very good reviews from readers on This book would be a great addition to your library.

The Complete Book of Bonsai

This book is a comprehensive, practical guide to the traditions and artistic principles of growing and maintaining bonsai trees. This bestseller offers full-color pictures of over 100 different species plus growing, watering, pruning, propagation, and other tips for each kind of tree.

One of the great features of “The Complete Book of Bonsai” is its quick start approach. Harry Tomlinson minces no words while introducing the art of bonsai, getting straight to its essence.

Immediately after introducing the basic tools and concepts, he shows the reader how to create his or her very first bonsai in only minutes from common garden center stock.

Instruction is so detailed and well presented that even a beginner could have really awesome results on their first attempt.

If you are interested in growing a bonsai tree from the seed this book covers all aspects of bonsai propagation providing you with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Bonsai Survival Manual

From advice on evaluating and selecting plants, to assessing plant health and troubleshooting, the “Bonsai Survival Manual” provides the comprehensive information every bonsai gardener needs for success. Includes detailed horticultural profiles of 50 popular commercial varieties, with at-a-glance information on their specific requirements.

Bonsai Survival Manual is one of the top rated books on Amazon. It covers outdoor and indoor bonsais with a detailed two-page profile on each species and colorful pictures. This book is more about bonsai tree care and troubleshooting than training techniques. Bonsai Survival Manual saved a lot of bonsai trees from dying and can help you grow a healthy beautiful bonsai.