Barbados Cherry Bonsai Tree Care

Barbados Cherry Bonsai Tree, scientific name Malpighia Pendiculata, is a delightful tropical ornamental plant that produces beautiful pink flowers that grow in clusters. Flowers are followed by red edible berries.

It is great for bonsai because of its small leaves that vary in shape from oval to holly, rough bark, and a root system that is naturally exposed.

Additional Information

Family: Malpighiaceae

Scientific name: Malpighia Pendiculata

Common Names: Barbados Cherry, Acerola, Wild Crapemyrtle, West Indian Cherry.

Origin: Native to southern Texas, the West Indies, northern South America, Central America, and Mexico.

Appearance: It is an evergreen shrub with weeping twigs and branches on a short trunk. It has simple ovate-lanceolate leaves that grow on short stems. leaves vary in shape from oval to holly, rough bark, and a root system that is naturally exposed

Flowering: It produces deep pink to red flowers with five petals. Flowers are bisexual, meaning it has both male and female flowers on the same plant. Flowers are followed by berry-like small green fruits that turn red as they ripen. These edible berries are very juicy and extremely high in ascorbic acid.

Outdoor/Indoor Use: Both.

Light Requirements: Full sun to partial shade.

Water Requirements: Likes moist but well-drained soil. Allow for the soil to dry a little between waterings. Do ever let the soil dry out completely.

Hardiness: Grows best in the USDA Zones 9b -11. Can tolerate cold temperatures down to 25F.

Insects and Diseases: Aphids, scales, and mites.

Propagation: By seed, semi-hardwood cuttings, and grafting.

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