Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Tree

Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Tree, scientific name Rhododendron indicum, is a very popular evergreen shrub with small narrow dark green leaves and beautiful multiple color flowers that grow on the same plant.

This tree is hardy down to 5F and needs to be grown outdoors.

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Additional Information

Family: Ericaceae.

Scientific name: Rhododendron indicum syn. Azalea indica, Azalea macrantha, Rhododendron hangnoense, Rhododendron lateritium, Rhododendron decumbens.

Common Names: Azalea, Satsuki Azalea, Southern Indica Hybrid Azalea, Macrantha Pink Indica Azalea.

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Pin Oak Bonsai Tree

Pin Oak Bonsai Tree, scientific name Quercus palustris, is a deciduous tree with a unique crown in that its bottom branches point downward.

It has medium gray, lightly furrowed bark and dark green foliage that has attractive red-brown fall color. This hardy tree needs to be grown outdoors.

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Additional Information

Family: Fagaceae

Scientific name: Quercus palustris

Common Names: Pin Oak, Swamp Oak, Water Oak, Swamp Spanish Oak, Spanish Oak.

Origin: Native to eastern North America, mainly in the eastern United States.

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Common Pear Bonsai Tree

Common Pear Bonsai Tree, scientific name Pyrus communis, is a deciduous tree that is loved by gardeners all over the world for its tasty fruits, pears.

It also produces small white fragrant flowers that attract bees and birds. This very hardy tree needs to be grown outdoors.

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Additional Information

Family: Rosaceae

Scientific name: Pyrus communis

Common Names: Common Pear, European Pear.

Origin: Native to central and eastern Europe and southwest Asia.

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Pomegranate Bonsai Tree

Pomegranate Bonsai Tree, scientific name Punica Granatum, is a deciduous tree that will drop all or most of its foliage during winter. It is mostly grown for its beautiful ornamental red flowers and juicy tasty fruits.

It is very long-lived tree that is known to have survived two centuries. They grow best in the dry Mediterranean climate. The Punica granatum nana is a dwarf variety often used for creating a bonsai tree.

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Additional Information

Family: Lythraceae

Scientific name: Punica Granatum

Common Names: Pomegranate, Granada.

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Japanese Cherry Bonsai Tree

Japanese Cherry Bonsai Tree, scientific name Prunus serrulata, is an ornamental tree that is grown for its fragrant showy pink flowers.

It is a hardy deciduous tree that needs to be grown outdoors. Usually short lived because it is susceptible to a large number of insect and diseases.

Additional Information

Family: Rosaceae

Scientific name: Prunus serrulata

Common Names: Japanese Cherry, Japanese Flowering Cherry, Hill Cherry, Oriental Cherry, East Asian Cherry, Amanogawa.

Origin: Native to Japan, Korea and China.

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Balfour Aralia Bonsai Tree

Balfour Aralia Bonsai Tree, scientific name Polyscias balfouriana, is a sun loving tropical plant with showy large round leaves.

It prefers warm and humid climate and, if provided enough light, can be grown indoors. Native to New Zealand, tropical Asia and the Pacific Islands, it belongs to Araliaceae family.

Additional Information

Family: Araliaceae

Scientific name: Polyscias balfouriana syn. Aralia balfouriana, Polyscias scutellaria ‘Balfouriana’.

Common Names: Balfour Aralia, Chicken Gizzard, Black Aralia, Dinner Plate Aralia.

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Japanese Mock Orange Bonsai Tree

Japanese Mock Orange Bonsai Tree, scientific name Pittosporum tobira, is a gorgeous evergreen shrub with wide leaves and creamy fragrant flowers.

What makes this plant a great bonsai is that it is very durable, hardy, drought tolerant and can take a severe pruning. Great for indoors.

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Additional Information

Family: Pittosporaceae

Scientific name: Pittosporum tobira

Common Names: Japanese Mock Orange, Japanese Pittosporum, Tobira, Japanese Cheesewood, Mock Orange, Australian Laurel.

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Brazilian Rain Tree Bonsai

Brazilian Rain Tree Bonsai, scientific name Pithecellobium tortum, is an ideal candidate for bonsai because of its unique features such as the twisted trunk, exfoliating bark, and delicate compound leaves. It produces lovely white puff-like flowers that are sweetly scented.

Additional Information

Family: Leguminosae

Scientific name : Pithecellobium tortum syn. Cathormion tortum, Feuilleea torta, Chloroleucon tortum.

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